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We are OpenStoryTellers. We're a community arts organisation supporting people with a learning disability to to be heard. Based in Frome, Somerset, we provide progressive day services as well as, creative and community focussed activities for adults with learning disabilities.

Learning disability is characterised primarily as a cognitive impairment, but at its heart lies a difference in communication - a loss of voice both literally (for those people who do not communicate verbally) but also socially, emotionally, and politically. Without a voice, who are we?

At OpenStoryTellers we do things differently! How we do things is as important as what we do. Through our innovative, creative forms of expression, people find their voice, and as a result, dignity, purpose, and community. The platforms we then provide to elevate that voice include performances and exhibitions (public and private), film making, permanent employment, paid sessional work and campaigning.

We work hard to be more than ‘just a provider’ and this is where we need your support. We can’t deliver the innovation and creativity without the continued support of donors like you. Please consider a regular monthly donation to OpenStoryTellers.  Giving a little regularly helps us plan for the future, knowing that we have the funds to put long term projects in place that will support our community to thrive. 

Thank you for supporting us to be different, for elevating the voices of people with learning disabilities and for making our world more inclusive! 

What your gift could provide


helps fund art materials, instruments and props for our artists with learning disabilities


helps fund our much-loved wellbeing sessions, supporting positive mental health.


helps us ensure our community 'drop-in' sessions are open to everyone who needs them!

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