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Ordinary Magic was founded to ensure no child or young person in Solihull is forced to face feelings of desperation, isolation, anxiety, low confidence or fear without the support they deserve at the time they need it.

We work with all children to fill any gaps in statutory services, educate children on their innate mental health, the power inside them and the strength their community provides. We also work in small groups with children to build their confidence and resillience when it is low or to help them work with big feelings. 

When children are in crisis and support does not come quick enough we also fund psychological support and therapy to be delivered to ensure that adversity does not have a chronic effect.

Supporting us to fund these activities means so much to us. as a not for profit organisation any money we raise goes straight back to helping those that matter the most, the children in our community!

Thank you so much for reading this, your support is so welcome and will make a huge difference to the children of Solihull.

What your gift could provide


Provides a mental health assessment for a child in need


Provides information, advice and guidance for a family in need


provides a child in crisis with a wellbeing pack

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