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The aims and objectives of our organisation are to take a leading role within the Plymouth Community through sport to provide physical and recreational activities, increase the participation in sport, and offer free opportunities to the inhabitants to be more physically active, give new skills and help participants social inclusion, through the benefit that sport and friendship will offer.We hope to bring individuals and communities together, bridging cultural or ethnic divides.

Why the community needs us

Members have a wide range of social, educational, psychological and health needs, yet often little idea about how to access help when it is available.We offer structured sport and recreational activities for asylum, refugees, minority groups. By providing the opportunity to play, our project aims to tell our participants about their community while also helping to heal the psychological effects of war and fighting.For locals, it breaks down barriers to regular & competitive sport.

Our impact on the community

As an ideal school for life. The skills learned through play, physical education and sport are fundamental to the holistic development of young people. These skills, such as cooperation and confidence, are essential for social cohesion and are carried throughout adult life.It cuts across barriers that divide societies, making it a powerful tool to support people very practically within communities.It helps social integration and foster tolerance, helping to reduce tension and generate dialogue.

What your gift could provide


Can pay for a volunteer travel to deliver a session


For our core running cost to sustain our activities


For cones/bibs/balls & other training materials

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