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Project Food provides tailored support to help people eat better, so they enjoy improved physical and mental health. We help people to learn how to cook and eat nutritious food, particularly those who are isolated, in poor health or experiencing disadvantage.
We build communities around food
-          our regular group activities enable the sharing of skills, and foster knowledge
-          we run cooking classes for families experiencing food poverty to build confidence
-          we help people develop healthier habits around food to increase resilience
-          we create free, delicious, nutritious meals for people most in need to support living well
We provide tailored support to help people eat better
-          we work with individuals to develop their confidence and motivation to eat better
-          we create bespoke courses for people with particular needs and health conditions, including those with physical and mental disabilities
-          We encourage people to develop their home cooking skills by providing recipe boxes with clear instructions for creating delicious meals

We are the key local provider of free nutritious food
-          We supply weekly boxes of fruit and veg to families living in poverty, and people with disabilities or mental health needs
-          We supply regular recipe boxes, containing all the ingredients people need to cook nutritious meals
-          We provide weekly home-made nutritious meals for people who struggle to cook
All our support is free, helping people in our community who are the most in need

Our impact on the community
People have better diets and better physical and mental health . 
Participants tell us that after receiving our support, they
- feel more confident to try new things in the kitchen
- feel that they had a better knowledge of what foods were better for them
- have a better understanding of food production and where their food came from
- have improved self esteem
- feel more motivated to eat a healthier diet
- feel more motivated to eat a healthier diet most of the time
- have learned ways to keep food costs down by growing their own fruit and veg and eating seasonally.

What your gift could provide


will provide two free fruit / veg boxes to those most in need.


will provide food for a group cooking session for people with cancer or other serious conditions.


will help four families receive fruit and veg boxes and support for a month.

Our details

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£923.75 raised from 3 pages

Jeff's 630-mile Charity Trek

£307.5 raised since March 2024

Support for people with serious mental health problems

£31.25 raised since September 2021

Free meals and fruit and veg boxes for people living in food poverty

£585 raised since October 2020