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We are a youth charity working at the heart of our local community in the London Borough of Islington. We help over 250 young people each year aged 8-21 years, whose life chances are affected  through measures outside of their control; poverty, social derivation, high unemployment and crime. We make a difference to the lives of some of our most vulnerable young people, enabling them to build positive relationships, gain transferable life and employability skills, and acquire the tools to achieve their goals.
Prospex has an excellent track record of supporting young people with complex needs into successful adulthood by building our services around the needs of local young people through listening to them and their families as well as being  grounded firmly in the community.
Throughout 2023, we will be delivering; evening youth sessions; holiday schemes; our annual summer camp; exciting opportunities, trips and workshops; accredited training programmes; Girls and Young Women's Programme; nutritious food at all our building based sessions; Street Outreach support to the most vulnerable young people; one to one support; Prospex Listens and Cares (PLS) our professional mental health counselling service.

Why the community needs us

Islington has one of the highest child poverty rates in the UK. We address this by encouraging young people aged 8-21 to improve their life and employment skills, enabling them to fulfil their dreams and ambitions.

Our Community based work is run out of the Underground Youth Centre - a safe space where our young people can supplement the quality of their home life. For those who are harder to reach and live their lives on the streets, our outreach street team let’s them know that Prospex is there for them.

Our impact on the community
At Prospex, we believe that being rooted in our community enhances our work and improves our chances of making an impact. We also understand the importance of supplementing a quality of life that isn’t available at home for some of our attending young people. That's why our support goes beyond the young person, and includes local families and the wider community.


What your gift could provide


could provide a young person with nutritious food for a week, so they don't go hungry in holidays.


could fund a day at our holiday club, giving a young person access to positive activities.


could provide counselling support to a young person struggling with their mental health.

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