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Our goal is to help promote diversity in all walks of life, challenging people to “think differently” about stereotypes. With guidance from our founder Marcus Vinicius Vallinari and our team of trustees, we provide activities and services that foster behavioural change in order to create healthier and happier communities.

Quilombo UK has been running since 2010, and is a registered Community Interest Company.

Why should you donate?

Our organisation is small and is entirely staffed by volunteers. We rely on these people and their passion, professional skills and drive. With your donations, we can fund future case studies, provide better equipment for our volunteers and increase our support and engagement with the local community.

Impact on the Community

Quilombo UK is dedicated to uniting communities everywhere with our multiple activities, workshops and projects, including “Changing 4 Change”, “Rio on Thames” and our newest venture “Kingston Cooking Together Class”. Through these different events, we are able to promote cultural awareness in the community and teach people acceptance, regardless of race, nationality, sexuality, religion or origin.

Volunteers Needed

We are always looking for volunteers to work with us, and in exchange, provide valuable real-life experience. In the past 6 years we have supported over 180 volunteers including roles in marketing, legal and HR and project management teams. Volunteers are given real responsibilities and important tasks involving our upcoming projects. By acquiring industry knowledge and expertise with Quilombo UK, our volunteers can use their experience to secure that next step in their career

Please contact us at if you are interested in volunteering with us.

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Any amount will be appreciated / Qualquer Quantia será bem vinda


Any amount will be appreciated / Qualquer Quantia será bem vinda


Any amount will be appreciated / Qualquer Quantia será bem vinda

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