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Our Railworld Wildlife Haven is primarily a habitat creation programme. However, its deeper purpose is to emphasise the important links between 'Our Man-Made World' and 'Our Natural World'. Our Environmental Education Centre, is used to 'Entertain and Educate' with hands-on activities concerning environmental subjects. We also have a number of volunteers that have built a Model Railway - over 2,000 sq ft for you to view and control ..

Why the community needs us
The project is dedicated to ensuring our children are entertained, educated and excited about preserving and improving our environment for the future and ensuring that it's sustainable for their children.

Our impact on the community
We are a mixed group with one thing in common, our concern for the environment. This is one big team effort. It is truly wonderful to see what can be achieved when Mums, Dads, children, schools, groups, colleges and businesses all work together for a common cause - Our dream - to entertain and educate our children and adults about our own environment. Initially volunteers built just a wildlife haven, but then we moved on to build an education centre with a 2.5M solar powered World.

What your gift could provide


Will provide the materials for a youngster to build a birdbox.


Will enable a youngster to select and plant a tree and peg with their name


Will generously help towards our Electricity/Water payments

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