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RAMA is a voluntary organisation working with refugees, asylum seekers
and people with no recourse to public funds.Our goal is to encourage successful integration into a new society through empowerment, education and employment.

Like many people we were upset and moved in 2015 when we heard of the hardship, suffering and exploitation being endured by refugees from all parts of the world…

We were sufficiently moved that we felt we wanted to do something to help – and so RAMA was formed. We believe that together we are stronger and can make a difference. Starting from a small core group as a grassroots activists committed to helping others, we’ve developed into a flourishing Community Interest Company that serves the needs of individuals and families in Colchester and the surrounding area: we have clients from 103 countries, the largest groups being from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, and Ukraine. We are supported by many generous volunteers and we’ve built strong links with our community, local government, local peer organisations, national and international refugee and migrant support groups.

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This will pay for a night in a hotel to make someone safe from domestic violence


This will pay for a destitution payment for basic living costs


This will pay for translation services for our clients

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