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About Us:

Hey there! We’re Recovery Cymru, a lovely bunch who came together because people needed independent support to keep their recovery (from alcohol and other drugs) going strong. We know that relapse, especially early on, is a real worry. So, we created a friendly community offering groups, courses, activities and one-on-one recovery coaching sessions to help everyone build the skills they need to stay on track. Most of all - we offer FUN!

Why the Community Needs Us:

We’re all about supporting and empowering folks on their recovery journey. But we don’t stop there! We love getting the wider community involved to tackle the stigma around addiction and prove that recovery is absolutely possible. With our Recovery Centre in Cardiff and our shared CAVDAS Peer Spaces in Barry and Cardiff City Centre, we’re building a network of support and understanding that’s second to none - with connections all over South Wales and the UK.

Our Impact on the Community:

Our members often say that the support and sense of community at Recovery Cymru are absolute game-changers for their long-term recovery. Many even stick around to volunteer with us and other organisations, which not only keeps them going strong but also benefits the wider community. It’s like a ripple effect of goodness!

How You Can Help:

Fancy getting involved as well as donating today? Pop over to to learn more about what we do and how you can support us. Your help means the world to us and makes a real difference in building a stronger, healthier community.

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Ensures 10 members or volunteers receive a Happy Birthday card


Covers one Zoom subscription for one year to provide online support


Gives people access to support on weekends for a month

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