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The Rowntree name is most famous for its contribution to the confectionary industry. But is also significant for its philanthropic activity informed by Quaker roots; its work in social and political reform; and its pioneering development of a garden village. 

The Rowntree Society was founded in 2004 to encourage people across the city of York to connect with Rowntree heritage and common roots. Today, we facilitate projects that engage critically and creatively with the unique histories and legacies of the Rowntree family, company and charitable trusts. Our aim is to highlight the continuing importance of these histories to the local, national and global challenges facing our contemporary world in health, housing, welfare, education, and social inequalities. We work collaboratively with partners in education, museums, archives, theatre, and the voluntary sector to uncover new histories and stories to share with communities and audiences locally, nationally and globally. 

You can find out more about us and our current projects at 

We are grateful to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust for their financial support towards our core costs covering the period 2020-2022. For specific projects, we seek separate funding from grant-giving bodies and individual donations.               

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Some publicity and marketing to increase awareness of the Society's work


Access to books and other research materials to support our content development and engagement


Funds towards digitisation of photographs, letters and other documents from the Rowntree Archives

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