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Rural Coffee Caravan creates a social space in a rural place. We exist to help rurally isolated people in Suffolk access services and information to improve their lives, health and wellbeing and to bring people together, empowering and strengthening rural communities. We work to alleviate loneliness and social isolation by providing occasions that engender conversations, leading to people feeling more a part of their community. This is a free service that is accessible to everyone.

Why the community needs us
We provide innovative solutions to the real problems of rural isolation. Loss of services in rural areas can leave residents without means of connecting with each other, this can lead to low mood and loneliness. Our core service combines a social focus with a free pop-up community cafe/information centre, offering support alongside the chance to meet and talk with fellow residents in the same situation. Our visits also connect useful agencies/ initiatives with rural communities helping to bring services out to rurally isolated residents, such as free arts workshops, fun fitness activities/equipment and winter warmth guidance, whilst supporting communities in finding ways to sustain this engagement for themselves. We also address loneliness across Suffolk via a number of offshoot initiatives we have developed.

Our impact on the community
Founded in 2003 as a voluntary organisation, with just one caravan, we have grown to meet demand. Now a registered charity with a caravan and three campervans and a small van, we visit over 80 communities each year, offering friendship and support to thousands of visitors, and harnessing the enthusiastic help of 100+ wonderful volunteers. We are are a recipient of the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service.

Other initiatives developed by Rural Coffee Caravan:
MeetUpMondays is a network of 50+ pubs and cafes across the county hosting free weekly coffee mornings. These offer consistent, regular opportunities for folk on their own to build confidence and grow their social connections in an everyday setting without feeling labelled as lonely. Established in Suffolk, the network has now welcomed a further 30+ nationwide venues.
c-a-f-e (coffee and friends events) network connects Suffolk community groups and social clubs with local organisations which can offer training & funding to help strengthen their groups and develop their community spaces, making them more sustainable.
More Than A Shop acknowledges and celebrates the vital role local shops play in alleviating loneliness. We support this growing network of 30+ rural stores (which are often a lifeline for the more vulnerable and isolated) in being places of welcome and friendship for their communities.
Golden Age Fairs Each event hosts 20+ agencies and local clubs under one roof, providing individuals the chance to link directly into services that improve their health and wellbeing, and the opportunity to join local clubs that help them feel more involved in their community.  

What your gift could provide


enables us to print & send flyers & posters to a village to let people know when we'll be visiting


replaces worn walking stick ferrules for four people, helping prevent slips, trips & falls


provides refreshments & company for up to 50 rurally isolated folk to make vital human connections

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