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We are a CIC social enterprise, non-profit organisation based in Bridgwater Somerset, whose primary objective is to help people suffering with mental health issues, back on the road to recovery and well-being through creative art therapy workshops and classic car restoration. Our venture is unlike others, people do not need a GP referral.  This alleviates pressure and reduces bureaucracy, speeding up access to recovery.

At Rusty Road 2 Recovery, we run several types of workshops including teamwork and confidence building. We also run an affordable ‘Lunch Club’ where people can get a hot meal for £2, ensuring that they have a good meal and helping to combat social isolation by eating with others.
These workshops are ran by Volunteers who are all lived experience with metal health and are passionate about helping others.

We have been helping people with their mental health since 2018. With spiraling costs, it is becoming harder and harder to help the ever-increasing number of people who need our help. The number of people in the UK suffering with mental health issue is at an all-time high… with almost half of all suicides linked to mental health issues. Latest statistics reveal that 1 in 4 of us have some form of mental health struggle… 1 in 5 people have suicidal thoughts... and 1 in 15 people attempt suicide. 

Co-founder - Mr Vince Davis's story:

At the age of 14 I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and a personality disorder.  For many years I found life very difficult.  Over the past 30 plus years I have been looking for practical help to enable me to meet my potential.  Gaining access to help and support was difficult with minimal mental health support around. 

I found a group of like-minded people in the form of an all-day session.  This was called the ‘Seed of Hope’.  This was unlike other support, with an open- ended timescale where I felt comfortable and settled.

As a result, this totally changed my life.  It gave me a sense of worth whilst enabling me to consider how I could contribute to my community.  With the founder of the Seed of Hope and two other friends we set up the Rusty Road 2 Recovery. 

My personal experience of mental health illnesses together with my knowledge of support services gives me a good foundation to help others.  With the team’s joint motor trade experience of 50 years we are well placed to develop others.

We have the experience, patience and understanding to encourage people to really make a difference to their lives, leading to a sense of meaning and purpose.

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would cover a free hot meal


would cover hot drinks for 50 people for 1 week


would cover the energy cost for 1 week

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