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We excite and inform people about the heritage and value of the canals around Rickmansworth. We - Provide captivating education,with programmes for primary school groups and young people. - Organise the Rickmansworth Festival as a service to the community - Provide a set of public amenities at Batchworth, including a trip boat for use by the public and by community and private groups. - Preserve and present, at Batchworth and further afield, the historic working boat Roger.

Why the community needs us

The heritage of the inland waterways is integral to the industrial history of the UK. By providing education in that heritage, and the chance to experience and enjoy elements of it, we allow people, mainly but not only local to us, to recognise that heritage and the value they, themselves, can get from it. Our work, which is widely varied, gives many thousands of people each year an opportunity to appreciate the richness of their local and national industrial heritage.

Our impact on the community

We provide opportunities for children and young people in particular to understand and enjoy their waterways. The impact on the children who come to Learning at the Lock is clear: they don't forget what they've seen and done, and often bring back parents and friends to share their pleasure. For young people, especially those disadvantaged, the hands-on experience, new skills and sense of achievement change their behaviour and gives new self-confidence. It's an important new start for many.

What your gift could provide


allows a child to enjoy Learning at the Lock


buys the fuel for our fund-raising trip boat for a week.


pays for our boat-safety supervisor for a week.

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