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To listen to adults (over 18 - male and female) survivors of sexual abuse suffered during their childhood, in a safe, non judgmental and confidential environment. Many survivors can experience many consequences, including depression, anger, shame, guilt, low self-esteem drug/alcohol addictions, self harm, nightmares/flashbacks etc., We listen to their stories and give support to overcome the effects and enable them to move on.

Why the community needs us
Our clients are able to have better relationships with partners, children and friends, sometimes moving into work situations which they may not have been able to do previously. Less doctor/hospital appointments or medication are required, including many who have been under the care of mental health teams, saving both time and NHS expenses.

Our impact on the community
We average around 125+ clients seen each year with comments such as: "I really needed SALT to help me get at the demons I've had most of my life from a little girl, to enable me to move on and have a happy and fulfilling life" and "I have a new outlook on life and have the confidence and tools to start to live for me, not just exist in life. It took 50 years to know it was NOT my fault, and I know that from this moment on, no one will use me or abuse me again". There are many similar comments.

What your gift could provide


therapy session for an hour with two listeners (sessions are free to clients).


electricity costs for one week


Renewal of client resources e.g., seating; therapy tools; refreshments etc.,

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