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This is Sophie, the Sopwith 1-1/2 Strutter. Our team of elderly volunteers have been building her for the last 20 years. So nearly complete and ready for her maiden flight. Cruelly, we have had to lock our workshop and stop working. Our survival as a community asset is dependent on getting Sophie into the air. We need to raise £12,000 to get her certificated and flying for a year. If we don't manage to raise that, we may have to sell the ONLY flying WW1 aircraft in Scotland to a collection in England. Could you help us SAVE SOPHIE by adopting a square foot of our amazing WW1 biplane?You can adopt a little piece of history for yourself or your family or as a gift for someone you know who would love it. Be a part of the adventure! Please ensure you give us your email address so we can send you your exclusive Sophie Adoption Certificate.Please spread the word on twitter and facebook if you can. We really appreciate any and every a bit of help to SAVE SOPHIE.

Why the community needs us
We want to change lives by building heritage aircraft. We want to entertain and educate young and old, pass on heritage skills,create inter-generational connections through projects and volunteering. We want to tell the untold story of the 350 women Civilian Subordinates who kept our pilots flying during the Great War.By focusing on building WW1 aircraft, we address the danger of isolation and mental health issues with the elderly and inspire the young to find a career in STEM related subjects.

Our impact on the community
If you can help us by adopting a piece of Sophie, we will be able to get her flying and become a very visible and exciting ambassador for our project. Over the year we aim to attract 20 new volunteers, train 100 young engineering apprentices, reach 200 school pupils and 20 students,start building our next aircraft, the Sopwith Pup and entertain and educate as many people from the community as is humanly possible in an engineering shed!

What your gift could provide


1 sq ft: Goes towards testing the engine.


5 sq ft: Goes towards test flights and certification.


you can adopt (and have your name put on) the engine or either of the guns.

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