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Affordable accessible transport if you need it because you can't get out and about on a regular bus. You have access to an accessible minibus service that will pick you up from your home. You can also use a community car with a volunteer driver to take you to essential healthcare appointments or a leisure activity. Shopmobility, provides you with equipment to help you get around the locality if you are visiting or if you want to shop at Castlepoint, Bournemouth, BH8 9XA.

Why the community needs us
Community transport is a valuable asset to your community because it allows the most vulnerable to get out and about and stay in touch with friends and family or to get to appointments such as GP's or dentist. Sedcat provides the opportunities for inclusivity which others take for granted.

Our impact on the community
1100 members and around 500 disabled visitors to Bournemouth each year use Sedcat services and equipment. Using equipment, visitors can shop and enjoy the sights. Shopping and socialising are important to maintaining independence and staying in your own home for longer. Community Transport lessens the carbon footprint of the local environment and responds to gaps or cuts in local services which prevent communities from becoming isolated.

What your gift could provide


Pays for training of drivers and helps to keep you safe.


Pays for an elderly or disabled person to get to the GP's for example.


Pays for the safety inspections for our hospital vehicle

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New community bus service for isolated communities

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