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We provide a range of services from therapy, life skills courses, drop-in sessions, crisis support and befriending to enable survivors of childhood sexual abuse, sexual violence and exploitation to take control of their lives; to heal and move forward; and to take an active part in the education of health and wellbeing services in sensitive practice when dealing with victims of childhood sexual abuse and rape.

Why the community needs us
In Nottinghamshire, there are a potential 75,000 survivors of childhood sexual abuse - and that's just the women. We are the only provider of a wide range of holistic services for these survivors - enabling them to take an active part in their lives and those around them. Our support helps survivors to be the people they were supposed to be before they were subject to this heinous crime.

Our impact on the community
Our support works towards increase in self-esteem and self-confidence; reduction and breakdown in isolation, improvement in ability to go to regular doctor & hospital appointments & screenings; reduction in reported feelings of shame, guilt and rage; improvement in parenting skills through understanding own abuse; reduction in medication; reduction in incidences of self-harm, suicide attempts and substance abuse; reduction in anxiety and panic attacks; an increased participation in own life.

What your gift could provide


Pays for a volunteer to escort and support when attending abuser's trial


Pays for a 1-to-1 therapy session with a fully qualified therapist


Pays for the petrol of 5 volunteers for a week

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