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For the benefit of those Albanian people in the UK either seeking asylum or granted refugee status or who are migrants and their dependants: (a) to advance their education and training particularly so as to advance them in life and assist them to adapt within a new community; (b) the relief of financial hardship in particular but not exclusively by providing advice and other assistance; (c) to preserve and protect their good physical and mental health

Why the community needs us

We enable Albanian-speaking refugees and migrants, as well as other members of new migrant communities, to become active citizens and contribute to the Big Society.Shpresa works so that the Albanian-speaking community are able to use universal services, find work and feel socially included. We want them to feel more confident, to vote, to take care of their environment, to be less isolated, active and to be happy as well as share the learning and help other community groups

Our impact on the community

In 10 years we have managed to expand our services for Albanian speaking refugee and migrant children , young people, women, man, old people, volunteers and other community groups in 7 London boroughs, Newham, Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham, Enfield,Haringey,Kensington and Chelsea,Hamersmith and Fulham,Barnet. We support weekly, over 400 children,200 women,10 old pepople,75 volunteers. We have a long lease for our three story building.We work in partnership with 7 mainstream schools.

What your gift could provide


enable a volunteer to visit and help an old person or someone isolated


to enable one young person to take the Albanian language as IGCSE


to run and facilitate a training day for volunteers

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