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Sidewalk is a youth-led movement for change. For over 30 years we have focussed on engaging with Scarborough's most marginalised and at-risk young people on the streets, to draw alongside them and nurture conditions in which they can develop in all areas of life.

Why the community needs us
We believe in young people. Regardless of the challenges they face, and sometimes because of them, young people have the capacity to change the world. They bring energy, creativity, critical awareness and motivation to make a difference. That's why we focus on supporting them to bring about positive transformation. Rather than trying to help young people, we see young people help themselves and others when we provide the resources of positive, nurturing activities, spaces and people.

Our impact on the community
Each year we...
- Deliver mentoring support to hundreds of young people through local schools
- Meet and build positive relationships with hundreds of young people on the streets
- Provide safe and positive nurturing spaces for over 100 young people at our drop in sessions. 

We have 3 aims: 
1. Supporting young people to overcome challenges 
2. working with young people to achieve goals 
3.Improving the condition for youth participation in the community.

What your gift could provide


a mentor to meet a young person experiencing overwhelming challenges


a night on the streets, meeting young people experiencing marginalisation


training for a young volunteer to get involved in community action

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