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Slough Immigration Aid Unit works to empower people by ensuring they know their legal rights under immigration law and can access them. You can help us continue our work to help people living in and around Slough, and their families, with all kinds of immigration, nationality and refugee law problems.

Why the community needs us

Immigration status is vital for people's lives. SIAU provides specialist legal information and advice to help people to understand their situation and to work towards changing it. We provide free advice to all and free or low-cost representation in representing people's cases to the UK Border Agency or Immigration Tribunals. We are the only source for this in Slough; with legal aid being removed for immigration matters, we will become even more vital.

Our impact on the community

Over 2300 people have benefited from our services. We help families be together if spouses or children are refused entry clearance abroad. We help students complete their courses. We support women from abroad who have survived domestic violence in marriage to secure their rights. We help family members from abroad come to visit their families here. We press the UK Border Agency to decide people's cases when they have waited for years. We have the specialist legal knowledge to know how to help.

What your gift could provide


could buy paper and photocopier toner, to print and copy applications


could pay our phone and internet charges for a month


could pay our postage and stationery for two months

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