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We are a friendly organisation committed to impartially enabling all asylum seekers and refugees in Slough and surrounding areas to achieve their entitlements and to settle with dignity in their new community. Equal opportunities are central to all our activities, which include advice, employment help, and integration activities such as English and Life in the UK classes.  At present, we are responding to the emergency in Afghanistan and using our resources to settle these families with dignity locally.

Why the community needs us
settling in the community - becoming citizens - people find employment and integrate into their new society.

Our impact on the community
Settlement in the UK. Employment, self reliance, fully integrated into the local community. Hope for a new life. Friendship for lonely asylum seekers.

What your gift could provide


Emergency food for newly arrived family


A sleeping bag for rough sleeping, homeless refugees and asylum seekers


Emergency help for destitute asylum seekers and refugees

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01753 537142

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