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We provide a stimulating and nurturing environment where students can develop the confidence and skills they need for the future. Whatever they want to learn a way is found for them to do so.

Why the community needs us

We support our students in deciding for themselves who they want to be in life and how to achieve it. We assist them in deciding what they need to do to pursue their goals and future careers. The structure we provide facilitates this process.

Our impact on the community

Our students feel well prepared to take the next steps in their careers when they leave the College. Results for students of all abilities have been exceptional. ALL of our 16 year olds having gone on to further education or employment.

What your gift could provide


Is all it costs for a student to attend SML College for one day


Pays for a student to remain at the SML College for one week


Pays for a student to enjoy an entire month at SML College

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