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Snowland Journeys is a non-profit organisation, which runs a reintegration programme reuniting Himalayan children with their families and develops projects to support communities of the High Himalayas of Nepal; a place of great natural beauty, but where life is extremely tough. Many children are sent away by their parents to school in the city at 4 years old, in the hope education will give them a better life. They do not see or speak to their families for 12 years, due to the remoteness of their villages. Upon graduation, aged 16, they have a chance to return home to see their parents - if we can secure funding. We also provide education support and we work with mountain villages, helping the children and their families to develop self-sustaining careers and livelihoods. The people we support are featured in the award-winning documentary 'Children of the Snow Land'.
In the UK, we support young people, helping them to cope better with the mental health challenges of Covid-19.  We also help UK schools to have cultural exchange experiences and we organise expeditions as part of our fundraising strategy to support young people.

Why the community needs us
Without support, Himalayan children wouldn't receive an education or be able to maintain connection with their family. We aim to help develop their communities so that long term children can be educated at home. Trekkers from around the world are able to join our expeditions which help to financially enable our reintegration programme of young people with their families, and the development of their communities. Our expeditions provide life changing experiences for all involved. And through our schools programme of support, cultural exchanges and expeditions, young people in the UK can develop greater life skills.

Our impact on the community
Himalayan children are able to achieve an education whilst retaining contact with their families in the mountains, receiving mentoring and support throughout their school years up to university graduation. Himalayan communities are able to develop self-sustaining livelihoods. UK schoolchildren and students are empowered by learning resilience through mental health support, cultural exchanges and expeditions to Nepal.

What your gift could provide


Goes towards our Reintegration Programme to get children home to family.


Pays for an outdoor training session for a child to prepare them for their journey home.


Pays for a week of a child's education, accommodation and food.

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