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Your donations are vital to the work we do supporting people, groups and organisations in South Yorkshire to take local action.

We know we can achieve more when we work together, which is why we provide a platform for organisations in South Yorkshire to collaborate on campaigns and projects. We bring individuals and communities together to share ideas, knowledge and resources, making our impact even greater.
We do this by publishing a regular newsletter and keeping our website and social media up to date with helpful information. We also host or attend events that make it as easy as possible for local communities to get involved.

Together, we’ve achieved a lot - from lobbying our councils to declaring climate and nature emergencies, saving thousands of tonnes of food from landfill, protecting nature and biodiversity, and much more. But we need to build a bigger and stronger network to enable further action, and we need your help to do it.

We need to raise £50,000 a year to carry out our work. If you share our values, please consider donating a one-off or monthly amount. We appreciate every donation.

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1 certificate for someone completing Carbon Literacy Training


3 hours of our part-time Communications Officer


Room hire for a meeting or workshop

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