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Spectrum Housing is a not for profit organisation who provide support and accommodation for people with learning difficulties, mental health issues and for people facing homelessness.  

We have a range of shared and self-contained properties in the Derbyshire area, and are committed to providing the highest quality accommodation and support to our residents.

Our Housing and Support staff provide regular support and supervision to our residents, from helping them with a range of life skills, from living on a budget through to teaching them to read, cook, clean and manage their own home.  We have a strong belief that a person's physical health affects their mental health, and so we are passionate about improving our residents health and well-being.

Our ultimate aim for each of our residents is to build their confidence and life skills to enable them to move on to independent living.

Our funding for accommodation and housing costs are met through Housing Benefit, but meeting the cost of providing support to our residents relies upon donations from the public, and time kindly given by our wonderful volunteers. Your donations enable our support staff to spend more time with our residents, and make a real difference to their lives.    

What your gift could provide


Provides essential supplies that allow our residents to take care of themselves independently.


An extra hour of support to a resident, teaching them valuable life skills


An hour of supervised physical activity for up to four of our residents

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