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Sport4Health enables London's most disadvantaged individuals and groups to take part in professionally-delivered sport and recreation, to improve their health, reduce isolation, raise aspirations and maintain good social and mental wellbeing. We aim to reduce the barriers to participation for disadvantaged and marginalised people so that they can enjoy the health and social benefits of sport on an equal basis to those less disadvantaged.

Why the community needs us
We provide free physical, social and mental health sessions for disadvantaged people from marginalised communities in London.

Our impact on the community
Sport4Health enables people from disadvantaged backgrounds to take part in free, high-quality, safe, stimulating regular sport and exercise. Our weekly activities keep people safe, make them healthy, help them make new friends, exposes and promotes marginalised communities to reduce both intentional and unintentional discrimination so they feel more self-worth.

What your gift could provide


1 hour venue hire for our work with young people


1 hour session (coach and venue)


3 hours session (coach and venue)

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