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To make a difference in our community.To provide a 'basket' of provision to support the community enabling them to pick and choose bits that meet current need. To consult with the community to ensure that activity and support on offer meets current need.

Why the community needs us
We work with all ages from birth to 100. Our Youth Work is ever popular and works from our centre but also out on the streets. (We are in touch with around 50 young people each week). Our Jobsclub helps those seeking work of all ages. Our Music Recording Studio enables mainly young people to express their views. We have a drop in for all ages Monday to Thursday 1-4pm and Saturday 1-4pm.

Our impact on the community
We see many changed lives. Those with no hope have their lives transformed as they enter work. Young people who had nowhere to go come and play football and meet each other. Many just come for a chat. Some express themselves through using our music recording studio.Others are encouraged into work with support on cvs and applying for jobs over a cup of coffee.

What your gift could provide


One hour a week of a Youth Worker.


5 hours a month of Recording Studio Sessions for young people.


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