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To enable elderly & isolated elderly people get away from their own four walls, and meet with others, for a wide range of activities and a hot sustaining meal each Friday.

Why the community needs us

Encouragement towards a positive support for those who would otherwise be unable to get out from their own four walls, and enable them to take part in a wide porogramme of activities. With the recent closure of other Day Centres in the area, this work has become even more important in the last year or two, and is a vital part of our local community outreach.

Our impact on the community

We always see a new lease of life in our members when they join and take part in all that we have to offer. This is regularly commented upon by their families, doctors, social workers etc when they visit the Centre and see the lively and vibrant atmosphere that is always a feature of our meetings.

What your gift could provide


Help towards the cost of providing specialised transport.


Help towards the cost of meals


Help towards the cost of suitable activities

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