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We offer free welfare benefit and debt advice to our community of Brighton and Hove to those that need it, for as long as they need it for. Our service helps relieve the pressure of debt and supports people to get their entitled welfare benefits, particularly in times of crisis. Our team of advisers provides information and support on money and welfare benefit issues, including help with benefit claims, appeals, budgeting and debt advice, over the phone, via email, and in our face-to-face appointments.

Our clients need support to understand their situation and develop confidence to make informed choices for themselves. We educate and support our clients to take control of their situation, to ask for help and to be empowered to make positive financial choices. Nearly three quarters of our clients have a mental health condition which can be made worse by their financial and benefit issues.

Our service is on the frontline of the cost-of living crisis, as we provide essential support to those in poverty. Our advice and support on welfare benefits, (including claims and appeals), budgeting and debt support aims to increase income and decrease debt. This work is time consuming and complicated. We don’t rush clients with time-restricted or set number of appointments, instead empowering them to find solutions to take control of their finances.

Why the community needs us
We’ve seen a substantial increase in demand for our services as a result of the cost-of-living crisis. Contact to our service rose by 70% last year, and demand is continuing to grow. From the outset our aim has been to deal with people rather than issues and give all those who approach us time so that they can feel supported and valued in times of crisis. We offer an holistic service and help those individuals who fall between the cracks of all the other services.

Our impact on the community
In 2022 / 2023 we assisted 816 clients (45% more than the previous year) with 892 debt and welfare benefit cases. This work resulted in over £1.3M (annualised) in additional welfare benefit payments and a total of £550,000 being written off / managed. 90% of clients felt less anxious about their situation after receiving help 

What your gift could provide


Could help answer two calls for help from some of the most vulnerable seeking financial help


Cost of an appointment to complete a Welfare Benefit application form


Would pay for our phone bill for a month

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