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StreetlightUK is an award-winning specialist support service for women involved in prostitution, taking a holistic approach to enable women to overcome the challenges that limit their choices. We want to expose the harms of sexual exploitation and empower women involved in prostitution to reclaim, sustain and build a new life.

Why the community needs us
We are committed to social justice and oppressed by all forms of discriminatory practice. We work hard to maximize women's access to services and offer unique and individual support to tailored needs. We work in partnership with other agencies to form a comprehensive service for women.

Our impact on the community
We ensure that all efforts are taken to reduce the risk and impact of violence against women and girls and the associated harms of prostitution, bettering the lives of the most vulnerable women. 

What your gift could provide


Pays for an outreach support pack for women


Pays for a 2hr support session for a woman


Pays for an outreach session into a brothel

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