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To offer unconditional care, listen to and help people who are vulnerable to or from other people in the Kingston Town Centre from 10pm to 4am on Friday and Saturday nights. Street pastors interact with the public enabling the team to challenge behaviour with humour, love, lollies and flip flops resulting in reduction of fear and anti social behaviour.

Why the community needs us

Since starting patrols on Kingston, anti social behaviour and fear has reduced and continues to remain low. We offer re-assurance, care and assistance when most needed, since starting engaging with over 28500 people.

Our impact on the community

Reduction in anti-social behaviour, reported lives saved, offered first aid on many occasions, reduced hospital attendance, annual report available for figures.

What your gift could provide


would pay for 15 bottles of water


would pay for 10 pairs of flip flops


To train a new street pastor

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