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Stripey Stork is one of the UK’s largest baby banks who have been successfully supporting Surrey families experiencing poverty with the practical items needed to raise their children since 2013.  We help approximately 200 families per week, distributing items worth c.£800k/year for children aged 0-16 years.  Our community donate new and preloved baby and children’s items (equipment, clothes and toys), and, with the support of our pool of over 285 volunteers, we clean and check all items.   Referral bundles are packed in response to specific requests from our network of over 1022 referral partners who include health visitors, social workers, women’s refuges and schools.  We strive to tailor-make every request we receive, with the aim of providing a high-quality service that makes each recipient feel that their local community cares and provides their children with the opportunity to have the 'same start' as every other child.   

What your gift could provide


a new mattress for a donated moses basket plus blanket.


a month's supply of nappies and wipes


a new mattress and protector for a donated cotbed.

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£3.57k raised from 10 pages

Rob's 5k Run Reigate 2024

£2.5 raised since June 2024

Run Reigate 2024 10K for Stripey Stork

£31.25 raised since May 2024

Unum GPS Team

£0 raised since May 2024

Skipton Reigate and Stripey Stork School Days

£6.25 raised since May 2024

Stripes4Stripey 2024

£0 raised since May 2024

TeamStork - Run Reigate 2024

£0 raised since April 2024

Unum & Stripey Stork

£2.93k raised since April 2024

Reigate Squash Club and Stripey Stork

£0 raised since April 2024

Unum & A Gift For Mum

£6.26 raised since February 2024

Stripey Stork's School Days campaign

£592.5 raised since June 2023