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Swansea Community Farm is an independent local charity. We rely on donations to survive! Every donation we receive enables us to offer activities for those most in need, and maintain our green spaces for people and wildlife.

We are grateful for one off donations of any size, however the best way to support the Farm is to become a regular MONTHLY DONOR. This enables us to better plan for future and support the ongoing needs of our community.

About us
We are a community farm project and our lovely site has been imagined, developed, hand built and nurtured by local volunteers for over 25 years. Our animals, site, gardens and allotment are looked after by  volunteers, young, old, and in  between! We work with many volunteers with disabilities and people who have experienced health problems. Working at the farm helps people to rebuild their confidence, learn new skills and develop new interests in growing food, caring for animals and the environment.

Why the community needs us
Every year our multi-award winning project works with hundreds of people aged 8-85 to offer life changing volunteer opportunities, practical training and play activities. We also offer free access to the public and provide a beautiful urban green space for children and adults to engage with their local community, learn about conservation and find out where food comes from.

Our impact on the community
Swansea Community Farm strengthens the local community by engaging volunteers of all ages to be  healthy and active in their own community and to develop strategies to better look after themselves and others.

"If the Farm didn't exist I strongly feel that my daughters mental health would have continued to deteriorate - she would have self-harmed and felt little self-worth" Parent of 15 year old Volunteer with ASD and mental health concerns
"I absolutely love connecting with the animals each time I come down. The farm is like a break from your every day life and it’s just so healthy to give back to the community and the earth, it’s a rich experience, it’s good for the soul." Adult Volunteer

How you can help us?

Regular monthly (or one off) donations make the world of difference to small local charities like us. By supporting our animal food costs you can help make the magic happen. Our volunteers report huge increases in confidence, better mental health and reduced social isolation and many wouldn't come here in the first place if it wasn't for their love of animals. If you love Swansea,  cute animals and want to improve mental health in your community please become a donor today!

What your gift could provide


will help feed our ducks for a week


will help us feed our donkeys for a fortnight


will provide bedding for all our animals for a fortnight

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