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St Werburghs City Farm is an inner-city community hub for land-based opportunities. Situated 1.5 miles from Bristol city-centre, we manage more than 18 acres of green space including a 2-acre small holding, a 1-acre community garden, a 2.5-acre conservation site and 13 acres of community allotments. We understand the importance that green space has for health and wellbeing, which is why all our work is based on strengthening the connections between land, animals, and people. We know that enjoyment of green space, access to local food and opportunities in the agricultural sector are not equal, and we are committed to addressing this imbalance in our work. We appreciate that everyone has skills, experience, and assets to share, which is why we base our approach on co-design and delivery. We also recognise that inequalities exist in our city, which is why target our work at those experiencing mental ill-health, disadvantage and/or marginalisation. 

Our services, which change depending on the needs of our community, include:  social and therapeutic horticultural and animal therapy placements for adults with learning difficulties, alternative curriculum placements for young people struggling in mainstream education, nature connection sessions for adults experiencing mental-ill health, woodland play for children experiencing anxiety, propagation sessions in our social enterprise, and partnership sessions to increase engagement of communities underrepresented in our services, agriculture and/or outdoor engagement.   

With more than 3,500 service users, 15,000 people enjoying our events/facilities and more than 40,000 local visitors passing through the gates each year, we are a vital community hub, accessible to all. Together, we are working to create a future where communities grow, green spaces flourish, and together we thrive.  

Your DONATION allows those at most need within our communities to access vital services that build skills and knowledge, and increase well-being and self-esteem, as well as making green spaces freely accessible to all.

We're extremely grateful for one-off donations of any size. 

If it's within your reach, the most effective way to support the City Farm is to become a regular MONTHLY DONOR, as this allows us to better plan for the future and support our communities' ongoing needs.   

What your gift could provide


enables an adult experiencing loneliness to take part in a community conservation session.


supports a young person with autism to take part in a 1-2-1 animal care activity


enables our Green Care team to look after the Community Garden 1 day a week

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