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The Aiming High Group is an inclusive and sensitively delivered support group for parents and carers of children with disabilities and special needs from all cultures. It is an independent group relying on various sources of funding. Group members agree their own goals and plans. The Aiming High Group aims to act on the priorities of the parents, carers, children and young people with disabilities and special needs. The group aims to be all inclusive and provides a strong network to families.

Why the community needs us

The Aiming High Group enables families to reach goals and aims that they wouldn't be able to without the support i.e. family fun days out, parent work shops, provide support networking for each other. Vulnerable families have a safe environment to talk and meet other families with crèche facilities offered for the child with disability. Gives short breaks to parents.

Our impact on the community

Gives families the helping start to reach goals and aims they wouldn't be able to themselves with out the support. The group is about building strong communities with vulnerable families. Families attending the group have attended days out that wouldn't otherwise be possible.

What your gift could provide


would cover the cost of beverages for the fortnightly lunch club.


would help subsidise the entrance fee for a family to Activity World


would cover the price of designing and printing Certificates for workshops

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