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At Tara Centre Omagh, we are excited to extend our fundraising activities into the digital realm and are proudly introducing as our new, user-friendly digital fundraising platform. We understand the importance of safe and convenient giving, which is why we would like to share why we chose this particluar platform and help you clarify some questions you may have.

  • Personal experience in a similar charity has been extremely positive
  • Online donation only takes a few minutes
  • You will NOT be spammed by emails or letters after your donation (we’ve tried it ourselves, it’s true!)
  • We also like their simple and intuitive platform, their near to zero fees, their programme to mentor charities about digital fundraising, and the incredible ease to claim Gift Aid.
Donate Now or Give Monthly?
Small acts of kindness can make a profound impact, and we are grateful for whichever path you choose, and for any contribution you can make. By choosing to donate a small amount on a monthly basis through a standing order, you become a consistent source of support for Tara Centre Omagh. This reliable, steady stream of donations helps us plan for the future, ensuring we can continue to provide the essential services our community depends on.

A one-time donation will also make a difference, and we are deeply grateful for your contribution.

What if I need to opt out of monthly donations?
We understand that circumstances can change, and we respect your choices. Opting out is as simple as opting in. The user-friendly platform lets you easily manage your donations, make adjustments, or pause your contributions whenever you need to.

If you have any questions please contact us at the Tara Centre: or calling 028 82250024.

What your gift could provide


... we are deeply grateful for any contribution.


... contributes substantially towards a therapy session.


... covers 1h of therapy and some running costs.

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