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We enable young, disadvantaged or disabled people to experience the thrills of sailing and water sports and help them to go as far in the sport as their enthusiasm and ability takes them.  We also use water sports as a means to tackle other objectives, such as healthy living.  Our programmes  encourage self reliance, self esteem and teamwork and gives young people access to the natural environment in a way that may not otherwise have been available to them.

Our best known activity is 'Sail for a Fiver' where young people selected by their schools receive a half day sailing session for which they pay £5 and our charity meets the remaining costs.  Over 27,500 young people have benefitted from this programme since it started in 2003.  We have other programmes that enable young people to sail on larger vessels (our 'from small to tall' programme), encourage young people at risk of weight-related illnesses to 'sail-fit' and have worked with a local housing association and the Department of Work and Pensions to enable young people to explore marine careers.

We are particularly concerned at the effects of the Covid pandemic on the mental health of young people and we are hoping to expand the 'from small to tall' programme to enable more teenagers to experience this programme.

What your gift could provide


Opportunities for 50 young people to experience 'Sail for a Fiver'.


Opportunities for 10 young people to experience a weeks voyage on an ocean going yacht.


enable one young person to experience 'sail for a fiver'.

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