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Empowering disadvantaged 16 - 25 year olds through food. We support care leavers, young asylum seekers, youth recovering from homelessness and fleeing domestic violence. We do this by improving access to, healthy food, better food education and employment opportunities. 
By delivering recipe kits and cooking workshops, we use the notion of the dinner table and breaking bread, to reduce isolation, build confidence and make those in need feel cared for and extraordinary.

Why they need your help:

At a future-defining age we believe we should be nurturing and empowering victims of domestic abuse, asylum seekers, care leavers and youth recovering from homelessness. Most have faced family breakdowns, war, struggle with mental and physical health, PTSD, sexual exploitation, poverty and often the feeling of isolation and loneliness. Combining this malnourished diet with their day to day challenges can have a heavy impact on their education, employment and health in the long term. This vicious cycle can make young people feel worthless and not cared for, pushing them further into a destructive lifestyle.

Well, it’s time we showed we cared.

What your gift could provide


a spot on one of our aMAZIng Cooking Workshops


an aMAZIng Meal Kit with 3 recipes for 2 young people

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