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The Original Spinners CIC is an inclusive community dance company based in Bristol. Through the shared experience of movement and expression to music, we help create moments of magic that transcend our differences. Working across all ages and all communities, we believe that through music, movement, creativity and play, our dancers can feel valued and respected which enhances health and wellbeing and reduces feelings of isolation. Our work encourages respect for the individual and their community and brings about positive social change.

Why the community needs us

We run two regular dance classes for people living with Parkinson's and offer weekly movement sessions with Misfits, a theatre company for adults with learning disabilities. The classes we provide each week see more than 50 individuals benefitting regularly from our work. We also run monthly sessions engaging with Bristol's Roma community through the arts and music.

Our impact on the community

"It makes me feel good, it gives me a workout, it has emotional content and it requires interaction with other dancers. All these benefits enable me to live with a little more 'joie de vivre' in my life." Southmead Dance for Parkinson's participant.

What your gift could provide


could provide refreshments for the social time at our workshops


could provide art materials and props for a workshop or performance


could pay for a venue for one hour

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