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The Swan Trust SCIO operates the historic sailing vessel the Swan, providing life changing sail training and volunteering experiences.

Main beneficiaries are: young people, from 5 to 25 years; our volunteers, who range in age from teenagers to well past retirement; and anyone who sails on Swan.  We welcome aboard people of all ages and backgrounds, and find the Swan provides a level playing field for all.

Originally built in 1900, Swan is a Fifie - a Sailing Herring Drifter, once common around the UK. Swan is now the only one of its type offering trips to the public, and keeping our heritage alive. A trip on Swan builds life experience, confidence, friendships and memories. Being aboard also promotes mental and physical health, as passengers develop new skills and are challenged to reach their, and the crews, full potential.

While we do offer some commercial trips to help raise funds, we rely on donations, sponsorship and other funding to help us cover annual costs.

Why the community needs us
The sailing and volunteering opportunities the Swan Trust provides are unique and appeal to people of all ages and abilities. We work closely with youth organisations to provide sailing opportunities for young people, including those harder to reach, as well as many other local organisations, which can help us to reach people of all ages who could benefit from our sailing and volunteering activities.

In addition, Swan is an ambassador for Shetland wherever she goes, and helps build links with other coastal communities. We also work with partners to enhance community events and bids to attract larger events to Shetland, such as Sail Training International's Tall Ships Races.

Our impact on the community
First and foremost, Swan is a community asset which brings people together, whether on a sailing trip, as part of our volunteer base or through community events.

There are proven physical and mental health benefits from our sail training and volunteering opportunities, including an increase in self-confidence, resilience, increased aspirations, a sense of personal achievement and well being. There is also a social aspect to everything we do, with friendships developed both onboard and ashore - whether this is during a trip or maintaining the boat over the winter months.

We are incredibly proud to work with the community, and the work we do to both keep our heritage alive and offer life changing experiences for our current and future generations.

Your Donation
Your donation will help us maintain this unique vessel and continue to offer life changing opportunities for those in Shetland and further afield. Every penny you donate will be used to buy items to maintain Swan and/or offer sail training and volunteering experiences. Whether you can provide a regular, or one-off, donation it will be appreciated and put to good use and, if you are a UK tax payer, please remember to gift aid it.

Thank you        

What your gift could provide


pays for materials to maintain our decks


pays for protective clothing for volunteers


Pays for annual upkeep of safety equipment such as life jackets and flares

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