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We know that small charities play a crucial role in building a better world, we help them by giving support. We do this through: We deliver learning opportunities, training, conferences, workshops, advice sessions, webinars and online support. We celebrating their work by facilitating Small Charity Week held annually in June each year. We Influence to amplify their voices supporting research and using every opportunity to elevate their voices at every opportunity.

Why the community needs us
We put small charities at the centre of all we do. By enabling small charities to be more efficient and effective we facilitate them being able to work with more beneficiaries. By celebrating their work we facilitate more of the general public understanding what they do for their local area. By influencing on their behalf we make their voices heard at the highest levels, generating an environment where those with influence put small charities at the top of the agenda.

Our impact on the community
Our current membership stands at 8333 small charities. Our members tell us that the support we offer increases their ability to deliver more services to more beneficiaries, to create better communities and to support the most vulnerable in our society. The FSI provides a safe, secure and affordable learning environment in which those working in small charities can flourish and grow. FSI influencing and awareness activities provides a channel to tell their story and make their voices heard.

What your gift could provide


pays for one hour of advice with a market value of £70


pays for one delegate day of training with a market value of £275


pays for intensive capacity building support, market value £2275

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