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Time 4 Children is a small Mid Sussex charity with a passion and commitment to increasing the emotional well-being of our young children between the ages of 4 and 12. Once a week, a one hour session of Emotional Listening Support is given to children where they can explore their worries, fears, anxieties and experiences with a trained volunteer practitioner. Most children have between 15 and 20 sessions.

Why the community needs us
The service we provide is free. We believe that improving the emotional well-being of our young children can help prevent the need for mental health intervention later on. Giving early emotional support to children under the age of 12, makes a real difference to their lives, families and education.

Our impact on the community
Every year we help around 40 children, giving them the long term one-to-one support they desperately need to increase emotional resilience, self-confidence and self-esteem. With our support children feel better about who they are and what they can achieve as they develop a sense of self. Children can be released from being caught in a bubble of anxiety and worry.

What your gift could provide


Craft supplies to engage children during their session


A contribution to training sessions for new volunteers


Training materials for new volunteers

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