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We can offer advice, support and information. We also run support groups, stay and play sessions, family events and carers activities. We are a parent/carer led voluntary organisation so we have deep understanding on what it is like to bring up a child with special needs.

Why the community needs us

For families with a disabled child it can be very difficult to plan ahead and access mainstream activities, but staying at home is lonely and unhealthy for the whole family. Our monthly meetings and holiday activities bring families together and help prevent social isolation, we offer support at all levels, advice and information and a chance to socialise with other families similar to ours. We're a voice for these families this helps us raise awareness and influence policy around SEN children.

Our impact on the community

We feed into a Parent Form Group as a collective voice helping to raise awareness of issues for families with disabled children and local SEN policy, eg. transport, NHS services and social care. "When I arrived in this area, I felt very alone, Time4Support gave me a circle of emotional and practical support, we met new friends who understood what we were going through. It's a safe, friendly non-judgemental place where I feel well informed and I can receive support and pass it on to others."

What your gift could provide


resources for parents/carers


materials/refreshements for family activities


disco hire, venue costs and outings for families with special needs

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