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Together We offers a range of interventions for mental health and physical health, all of which place the client at the centre of our work. Four connected services combine well to provide care ‘from cradle to grave’ and with a “whole person” approach to mental health and physical wellbeing: 

·       Carry – Providing wellbeing and social link working support for expecting and new families, including tools such as baby carriers and psychoeducational sessions for keeping well as a new parent. 

·       Talk – One to one and small group talking therapies, delivers multi-model mental health support which client centric. 

·       Fitness – One to one and small group exercise sessions with a focus of improving mental and physical wellbeing. Also hosts female only public sessions to allow for a generation of income. 

·       Recovery- The recovery college delivers course throughout Cumbria which intend to support a person to learn skills to better manage their mental and physical wellbeing. 

All service delivery is designed to be evidence-based intervention and guided discovery. Each of the services interlinks, with a series of projects and programs for one to one and group support. We target multi-model psychological intervention, education and physical activity to improve a person’s wellbeing and we aim to reduce the impact of mental health and physical health problems on individuals and on their wider community. 

We have clearly defined Guiding Principles that help us to ensure we do not drift from our mission of improving physical and mental wellbeing: 

·       We aim to increase a person's understanding of their health and factors and determinants that may contribute to improving their overall health and Wellbeing.·       We aim to increase access to low level interventions and stop referrals into other services. ·       We aim to provide a whole person approach to health that covers all ages, social economic background, and ability. ·       We aim to provide support that is individually tailored for the person and group sessions which provides psychoeducation to educate and put the person at the centre of their care. ·       We also aim to provide training and opportunities for staff to undertake a very different and niche role working with mental and physical wellbeing together.

Please considering providing a donation, our services are maintained by public fundraising and grants. Whatever you can provide can help support us to continue to maintain our services.

Why the community needs us
Often those with long term mental health conditions or who are generally well, are not able to access primary services. Together We are here to fill that gap by providing engaging psychological and physical activity interventions.

Our impact on the community
Our community reach is wide, we have over 1000 people using our one-to-one free talking therapy service, we provide a range of support for those who often are unable to access other services   

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