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To reduce the isolation felt by older people and those with a disability to visit shops, market, social and cultural activities, using accessible transport and to offer when possible, support with these activities. We use volunteers and accessible minibuses so that people can fully take part in our outings and social clubs.

Why the community needs us

We improve the well being of individuals by getting them out. Their increased sense of self worth,greater physical and mental stimuli means that some of them need less support from the medical and social care services. By using volunteers we give them the confidence and skills to work with the elderly and those with a physical or mental disability. Families report that they can relax knowing that we are looking after their relative and it gives carers a chance to spend time on themselves.

Our impact on the community

Over300 people have taken part in our activities helped by 20 volunteers. One of our elderly clients was given antidepressants when her husband died. Since coming out with us she is on no medication and has a new lease of life. Some of our unemployed volunteers have gone on to get a job. People who never left their home are now out socialising and this has dramatically affected their lives. Workers from social services recommend our activities to their clients because they recognise our worth.

What your gift could provide


1 months room rental for Young @ Heart Club


1 minibus to collect people to take them to one of our clubs


Accessible bus hire for 1 outing to Gosport

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