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Trubys is an interfaith community café run by British Muslim Women who live in Milton Keynes (MK), founded in 2014 as an outreach project to stimulate dialogue between Muslims and the wider communities. Our aim is to: 

  • Build and foster positive relationships between the local Muslim and wider communities within MK.
  • Initiate and encourage interfaith dialogue.
  •  Work in partnership with other organisations to tackle issues within our local communities.
  •  Fundraise to support local and global community projects, initiatives, activities and causes.
  •  Our activities are open to all faiths and non-faith, to encourage cohesion and integration.

Your donations, however small or big helps with cost of living support for those in hardship and activities which foster understanding and positive dialogue between communities increasing community cohesion and integration.

Why the community needs us
Building positive cross community relationships by promoting dialogue and integration between the Muslim and wider non Muslim communities within Milton Keynes are important to creating resilient and strong community co-operation and collaboration as well as social capital.

Our impact on the community
Our activities are open to all faiths and non-faith, to encourage cohesion and integration. We do this through our:

  • Bimonthly interfaith café which brings people from our diverse communities together building togetherness and social capital through the sharing of food and raising our voices in harmony.
  • Annual Great Get Together Iftaar during Ramadan which seeks to create a sense of belonging and inclusion through its multi faith / multi community content that is emotionally and spiritually uplifting. Each year the Iftaar programme is themed to enable a conversation on issues of importance to our communities, eg, climate change, celebration of women’s strength through sound. 
  •  Hardship Fund which supports families and individuals with the cost of living including regular food parcels. Our support is holistic and includes information, advice and sign posting designed to empower and increase independence by reducing reliance on public and charitable resources.
  •  Long standing work to support refugees and new settlers to MK by providing emotional, cultural and faith specific help working with MK City Council, British Red Cross and other charities. 

What your gift could provide


towards genaral costs of Trubys administration


pay towards delivering the Great Get Together Iftaar


provide necessities for 2 families in hardship

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