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Our objectives are to work towards conserving and improving the natural, architectural, industrial and environmental heritage of the Lower Loose Stream, Tovil, Maidstone, Kent.The Valley Conservation Society provides a welcoming and inclusive natural environment for members, their families, friends and the local community, to visit and enjoy.

Why the community needs us
The work party enables the older generation to pool its skills and meet regularly. School leavers & novices are provided with hands on training. Education & community groups are escorted around the conservation area with knowledgeable commentary of the wildlife and heritage. Our society is active in organising drama & music nights, attending local fetes & fairs to keep the public informed. There is a bi-monthly newsletter to members reporting on local issues and progress of the work party.

Our impact on the community
Through voluntary work parties, manage areas of the Lower Loose River and its environs. Rebuilding dilapidated ragstone walling to their original specification with lime mortar, protect and maintain mill ponds and mill sites. Maintain local woodland sites and stream banks to improve the quality of the wildlife habitats. Remove litter and waste from the local area. Purchase land plots to prevent unwanted development and increase habitat connectivity.

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