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Voluntary Arts Wales supports local voluntary and amateur arts groups across Wales, as well as delivering projects that directly engage people in creative activity. Many local creative groups struggle to find funding for their materials, publicity or venue hire, so 50% of the income we generate through online fundraising is distributed to local voluntary arts groups as micro-grants. The remaining 50% directly funds our work in supporting voluntary creative groups and delivering projects that encourage people to take part in creative activity.

Why the community needs us

Taking part in creative activities like singing, knitting, acting, writing, painting or crafting can transform the lives of individuals, build communities and have a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of all people. Research shows that creativity can help us to manage our mood and boost our sense of wellbeing, and gives us opportunities to make new social connections.

Our impact on the community

In 2018, we supported and celebrated the work of over 100 local arts groups in Wales. We also reached over 4,500 people in a project that encouraged people to draw. 99% of people enjoyed their experience, and 96% felt happier and more positive as a result - this from a majority who reported that weren't at all creatively active. Our follow-up survey found that 90% of people had continued to be creative since taking part.

What your gift could provide


pays for basic materials for a local arts group


pays for a venue to enable an arts group to meet


pays for an arts group to run a free taster event for their local community

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