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To support children with disabilities and/or additional needs to socialise/feel accepted and believe in themselves. To support siblings of these children in order that they can also build friendships and recognise they are not alone. To support parents/carers in enabling them to get the right support for their children, meet other parents/carers with similar difficulties and give opportunities to spend time with other families without the fear of being judged.

Why the community needs us

By giving the families a safe/non judgemental environment where the children can be themselves and be accepted without judgement. The children are able to play and take part in activities they would find hard to do within mainstream due to the additional t/guidance and time needed. The children are unable to play, go out with friends, attend clubs like most children of their age - this support group is a lifeline on a weekend and through the holidays.

Our impact on the community

We have over 350 members with 100+ attending on a weekly basis. We have been running just over a year and have seen many of the friendships obtained and developed during the year both for the children and the adults. Due to the support the members do not feel alone, they have advice from personal experience at hand, they are aware they are not alone and can share personal concerns and know that they will be understood. From feedback members feel like WAVES is now part of their family.

What your gift could provide


Arts and craft items for the children


Sport equipment


To bring in an experience i.e. reptiles or support an outing

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