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WE:ARE Women's Empowerment and Recovery Educators
We are a small charity in South Birmingham providing a safe & supportive environment to women who have survived domestic abuse & require support to overcome the effects of their experiences. We deliver awareness & empowerment programmes with the aim of rebuilding relationships with ourselves and our children after domestic abuse. We also offer  a range of workshops and creative activities.
11week Freedom Programme,
12week Own My Life, 
10week You & Me, Mum
6 week Healing Together
8 week Mindfulness

Safe homes, safe hearts and safe minds.
From Leaving to Healing
Rise Reclaim Recover

We are currently delivering programmes on zoom.
if you would like to join us
or call
Jacky on 07868163103
Donna on 07497105712

We receive no Government funding or local authority funding so rely on applying for bids to trusts and the national lottery. We have been delivering services for 19 years and hope to continue for another 19 and more.

Why the community needs us
'An amazing program it saved my life & changed it for the better' 'Excellent programme has helped me to move forward & leave the past behind' 'Best programme I've been on, life changing for me & my daughter' I have become more positive & my mind-set has changed from being victim to thriving' I can heal! My confidence is building daily & I'm happy to unravel & learn more about myself I am really enjoying my journey!' I Don't feel depressed anymore feeling quite positive for what the future holds'

Our impact on the community
"All I can say I hate my past and love my future. The past is prison in which I was kept for eight years and the future is freedom" "I now know that there is help! I am not alone! I realised that I couldn't do it by myself, I can now ask for help. I couldn't before as I would have been harmed if he had found out I had told anyone. With help from the freedom project I am now free and have the support I need" "Feels good to be part of a group and not feeling so alone" "I realise that 'I matter' "

What your gift could provide


Pays for an Own My Life journal to compliment the programmes


Pays for resources for group sessions


Pays towards running costs of each group session

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